Similarity Research

In the similarity search, the trademark to be registered is also checked in different spellings. So-called search strategies are designed. The search strategy defines the logic according to which the similarity search should be carried out. For example, it is typically possible to search for German terms in an English spelling or to exchange certain letters, e.g. exchange a Y for an I.

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A similarity search can be very time-consuming. If, for example, 100 similar spellings are found through the similarity search and these similar spellings are to be checked in 27 countries (100 spelling x 27 countries) and each country generates 200 similar brands (100 spelling x 27 countries x 200 similar brands), the result is 540 000 brands to check.

This number of brands can no longer be checked manually and we therefore limit the number of checks (for extra checks, see below in this chapter).

The various search strategies can generate thousands of results which must be evaluated manually. Therefore, similarity research is very time consuming. For large international brands, a manual similarity search can cost € 20,000 or even more.

If you would like to carry out a very detailed similarity search, we can offer you a similarity search via specialized services as an extra offer, for which we will simply charge you the costs of these services.

The similarity search included in our packages includes obvious similarities and simple similarity strategies that lead to obvious results. In particular, if you want to carry out extensive similarity research, you should contact us for a separate offer.

The picture above shows an automatic evaluation of a mark via TMgo365 (an automatic analysis tool from SAEGIS COMPUMARK) We have the option with TMgo365 or SERION to work and calculate the excellent costs of the provider.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a trademark?

A trademark can be a sign of all kinds, in particular words, including personal names, or images, letters, numbers, colors, the shape or packaging of the goods or sounds, insofar as such signs are capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one company from those of other companies and to be presented clearly and unambiguously.

Why is it important to trademark your brand?

A trademark application or an entry in the official EUIPO trademark register can increase the value of your brand and the company. A registered trademark offers protection and reputation because the registration of the trademark grants its owner an exclusive right of use. Third parties can be prohibited from using the brand.

How much to register a trademark?

In the best case, the pure official fees are 850 euros, in the most expensive 1800 euros. A nice class is always included, a second class costs 50 euros and each further then 150 euros in pure official fees. Litigation can result in significantly higher costs if, for example, a mark in a Nice class has not been used for more than 5 years.

How long will be the EU trademark protected?

The protection of the EU trademark lasts 10 years from the registration date and can be extended for 10 years at a time.

What are the types of trademarks that can be protected?

The most common is the wordmark and figurative mark (logo or design). A wordmark consists exclusively of words or letters, numbers, other typographic symbols. Figurative marks (logos or designs) are marks in which non-standardized characters, stylizations, or layouts, or colors are used.

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