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Studies show that more than 5% of internet users get directed to competitive websites because they make some typos in the domain name or other mistakes in spelling the brand or domain.

WIPO in Geneva (Switzerland) can act as a court and remove bad faith domains directly at the nic / registrar level. This is based on international treaties and there is no need for any national court procedure.

Your benefit is that you can remove any bad faith domain easily in some weeks no matter where the domain owner is located.

Some of our services:

  • Scan for bad faith or similar abusive domains
  • Check your brand registrations (brand audit)
  • Pre evaluate which of those domains can be removed over a domain dispute
  • Run a domain dispute procedure at WIPO
  • Switzerland or other relevant dispute centres.

Fixing domain issues can substantially contribute to your turnover and profit.

Schedule a free talk with us on how to solve issues with domains that hurt your brands in bad faith.

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