Scan & Remove Fake Domains

Stop phishing and fraudulent domains from hurting your business and stealing your money. We have a complete solution package from finding abusive domains to removing them.

Scan, find and remove Fake Domains

Fake Domains massively hurt your business

Criminals with similar domains do not just steal traffic but build fake shops and sell and invoice products under your name.


Scan and track fake domains and remove them

Check domains and subdomains in the moment they are registered. Remove them immediately over a domain dispute procedure (UDRP, URS and others).

Our complete includes monitoring and removal

Let us do the job, we offer scanning, risk classification and removal out of one hand as a complete service.

Stop phishing and fraudulent domains from hurting your brand and steal your money. We have a complete solution from finding abusive domains to removing them.

1. Situation

Abusive domains are the main entry door for criminals to steal money from your business. It is not “just” about directing some users to a competitive website. It is about the reputation and survival of your business.

According to the Swiss Anti Cyber Crime Police, the main criminal activities are fraudulent internet shops (fake online shops), phishing or just re-directing traffic to competitive websites among others.

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A variant of fraudulent internet shops (called the “fake clone shops scam”) is for that

  1. a criminal copies your shop on his server so that it looks like your shop. He fakes your domain to (just by removing the dot . it’s another domain).
  2. he advertises on google for your product, for example, shoes and directs the user to his fake shop
  3. user shop and pay for expensive products in the fake shop
  4. after having sold products for 200 000 USD, fake shop closes and runs with the money
  5. shoppers don’t understand that they have paid money to the fake shop. They ask for money back from you and write you a bad review.
  6. You don’t understand why shoppers complain that you don’t deliver the products because they are not in your customer database.

If you have such complaints from persons not in your customer database, you might have been a victim of cloned fake shops. But this is just an example of the typical behaviour of criminals. By tracking all domains, you can fight such fake shops on the day they open.

A new variant of phishing is that a clone fake shop is opened, for example, (instead of the real site and users are directed with email or SMS to the fake site. The user logs into the fake site with his password, and the criminal gets the user’s password and uses this password for criminal activity. Criminals can even break Two-factor authentication (2FA) by asking users to input a secret SMS code. This SMS code is used in real-time by an imacro bot to log in to the real site and instruct a wire to the account of the criminal.

Other criminal phishing activities are that, for example, the criminal asks employees of your company to log in and change their password in a fake domain like …. The criminal will be able to log into your system, read emails and even get access to your IT systems and might blackmail you.

There are countless ways you can seriously hurt your business. See more criminal approaches on the official page of the Swiss Police Department (

2. What to do

A Key Trigger for criminals is to have a domain that is similar to your domain to deceive the customers to input some secret information or to pay money to them. Registering hundreds of domains is not a good solution as the criminals would find something which is not registered anyhow.

SOLUTION: Scan all domains and fight domains similar to your domain.


3. How to do it in detail

Ensure Brand Registration

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Ensure that you have your brand registered. Only a registered brand gives you the right to remove other fake domains which are similar to your brand.

Get Similar Domains Data

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Get data of all domains and scan for domains similar to your domain. This can be a subdomain or typo or version of your domain.

Judge Risk of Fake Domains

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Judge the risk of those fake domains and develop different programs for different risk levels. The risk is related to your business.

Take Action on Fake Domains

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Take action on the domains that are a direct threat according to the evaluated risk levels. Actions can be to track the domain further or to remove them.

Track Domains With No Action

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Track domains on which no action was taken. It is possible that fake domains exist which are empty or without any content. Track those on a daily or regular basis.

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