Domain Name Dispute Resolution for Top Level Domains (UDRP)

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) advises many country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) on setting registration conditions and dispute resolution procedures. Some of them have adopted the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP). Once a ccTLD has taken over the UDRP, those domain names can be consolidated with gTLD and other ccTLD domain names against a single registrant in a single UDRP complaint.

The ccTLDs for which the UDRP applies include .ag, .ai, .as, .bm, .bs, .bz, .cc, .cd, .co, .cy, .dj, .ec, .fj , .fm, .gd, .gt, .ki, .la, .lc, .md, .me, .mw, .nr, .nu, .pa, .pk, .pn, .pr, .pw,. ro, .sa, .sc, .sl, .so, .tj, .tt, .tv, .ug, .ve, .vg, and .ws.

A variation of the UDRP applies to the following ccTLDs: .ac, .ae, .ao, .bo, .cn,. cr, .do, .fr, .ge, .hn, .ie, .io, .ir, .ma, .mp, .pe, .ph, .pl, .pm, .py, .qa, .re, .sa, .sh, .tf, .tm, .tz, .ua, .wf and .yt.

Our Services Include:

  • Research on cases in databases and literature
  • Write and submit the initial dispute letter
  • Communication with dispute center
  • Join hearing and communication with panel members
  • Supervise correct implementation of decision
  • Unlimited customer questions and explaining during process
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Domain Name Resolution for Top Level Domains

Studies show that brands lose 5% of their traffic to criminals who misuse their domain names by typosquatting. Many customers give up after not finding the desired domain or if customer is getting forwarded to competition.

The UDRP is an out-of-court dispute resolution for trademark owners to resolve bad-faith or other abusive registration of domains related to their trademarks. UDRP is the preferred way to stop misuse of your brand by criminal domain registrants. With UDRP you can get the misused domain, block the domain or stop the misuse.

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